Creative ruts, we all have them, we all dread them, especially when our jobs and our lives are engulfed by the need for creativity. How exactly do we get into creative ruts? In my opinion, my ruts come from being stagnant in life.

I get into a place where I am swallowed up by routine. I have a love-hate relationship with routine. I crave it in the sense that my OCD mind wants to know exactly what the day has in store for me, but I detest it because it keeps me from doing exciting and new things. Routine gets boring. Boring creates my creative ruts. When I get into the routine of things, I become less inspired. The same surroundings and people that we surround ourselves with on a daily basis are not always there to serve us and challenge us, hence getting outside of your norm creates inspiration.

When you are repeating the same day over and over again you lose the passion in life. Creative ruts are created by becoming habitual individuals or surrounding ourselves with people who cut down on creativity.

So, how to get out of a creative rut, for me personally, I like to travel or connect with new creatives within the industry. It varies for everyone, for others, it might be a sport, meditation, or a good book. I know for a lot of my community after talking with you all it is hiking, biking, yoga, or just being in nature. No one can deny though leaving your house is the first step to help get out of a creative rut.

So, my challenge for y’all this month is this: when you are stuck in bed watching Netflix, kicking yourself because they just asked you “are you still watching” instead of clicking that oh-so depressing button, turn off the television and get up. Drive a minimum of twenty minutes away from your home. Grab a bite, take a walk, see an old friend, make a new one, but remove yourself from home by at least twenty minutes. If you can do that at least once a week I promise those ruts will become less and less. I Cannot wait to hear what your twenty minutes a week has done for you and to see you all get back to some creating!

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Gabrielle Rene


Jan 24, 2021


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