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Want to adventure into the influencer world and don't know how to start? Already an influencer but not seeing the return you deserve? 
Let me help you as an expert in all things influencer!

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Media Kits
Social Planning
I can help you learn how to navigate all things social and grow your brand, and you can even purchase my brand pitch guidelines. 

Let me help you 

What are your weaknesses? 


I want to be a part of your team, because lets face it... It takes a village. This consists of long term partnerships or baseline consulting.

Make me your first line of defense

this package includes:

KPI Tracking
Social Media Growth Tips
Pitching Guidelines
Posting Times and so much more

Brand Pitching

Learn my best tips and tricks to pitch to brands or to grow your account.  $250 

Make a real income

this package includes:

Tips                         Tips
Example Pitch      Strategy
Breakdown          Hashtags
Targets                Audience 
What should you be charging

Media Kits

A full creation of your media kit including stock images for media kit use and lifestyle images. $75.

Make it professional 

this package includes:

DETAILED list of what belongs on a media kit
Stock images 
example media kit 

Growth Guide

A guide to growing your social media account the RIGHT and EFFICIENT way. $250

Grow your account

this package includes:

Growth Tactics
Insight into the algorithm Content growth

Making the world more beautiful from the inside out

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Influencer Services

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